Vacation Rentals


Vacation rentals are innovative tourism promotional methods, where the general population can promote their houses, villas,condos, boats or other wares for tourist’s use. Using our product you can get owners of these properties to partake in the business and promote it. If you can get guaranteed accommodation from these sources, you can plan tours accordingly and adjust it to the taste of your clientele.
Our product can also manage listing services, which display property information and photos provided by the homeowner. Because each property owner has his or her own deposit and payment requirements, cancellation policies, key-pick-up procedures, etc., a can guest contacts the property owner directly in order to book, especially for longer stays.

With Vacation Rental listing module, you will be able to add unlimited number of vacation properties and make the biggest listing website and vacation properties directory; it has a built-in search engine which will make your website professionally and friendly enough to please your web visitors and prospects; editable features and extras for full control over the fields and details on the listing pages; different user levels and role assignment.