Seamless integration


If you already have functioning back end systems which does your accounting, our system can be tweaked to provide adequate inputs to those systems. Our system is an enabler and does not interrupt or deviate from the normal working methodology

If you are an existent customer of one of our modules, you can keep adding and modifying the modules at your convenience with zero impact:

1. Tour Configurations: If you already have flat file/HTML based website with lot of information regarding your tours, you can always be upgraded to the new system without any additional efforts.

2.Hotel and Airline agreements: If you already have agreements with Hotels/Vacation houses/Airlines you can rest assured that those details can be ported into the new system which functions as your booking system for all your customers. Your agents can concentrate on other important tasks for diversifying and expanding yout business.

3. Payment Gateway linkages: We have acquired APIs of major payment gateways around the world. We will be able to link up with their services for you, so that your business can be moving in an accelerated pace. Meanwhile if you are able to get a gateway with which you have an exclusive agreement, we can link those APIs for you as well.

4. Adding of associated services: We would recommend that you add services which will make it convenient for your customers to purchase your tour offer. It has been noted that customers tend to purchase offers which give associated services as well for a bargain. We have linked up with leading GDS providers who can give you best flight and hotel rates for your customers.

5. Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO): We have an efficient team which can work to get the tour traffic to your site. We are also specialized in advertising for your business over most viewed sites.

For Service pricing in your region, please contact us or call our business representative