Business Partnership Model


We partner with our customers in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Every subscribed customer will be opened up for services provided by our award winning software and team. In case you already do not have a functioning website, we can give you a head start. Please enter in the information in our Contact Page and we shall respond fast. If you are interested to know whether your current website is e-commerce friendly, please click here

Unless the customer has some specific needs, the following are the progressive steps we recommend:

1. Tour Configurations: Start with building up of standard tours in the system. Unlike many others in the marketplace, we do not just open up the software for you to figure it out and keep calling the customer support team for help. We will take down all the details of the tour from you and will do it for you. We understand that technical challenges can be a dampener for businesses that need a quick jump into the e-Commerce arena. Therefore, even if you do not have any written documents, we can take down your verbal instructions and port the tours into the new system. Throughout the lifecycle of the association, we take Change Requests over a recorded phone call and effect it instantly on your tour systems, subsequent to your approval.

2.Pricing it right for you and your partners: Internet users do a lot of research before they decide to go with a particular provider. Some factors that could tilt the tours in your favor are the Prices, Value for money and Convenience. Our proprietary analytical tool can help you price it right, so that the customer understands that the it is in line with the value for service. We can help you highlight the differentiators that can make the service offering transparent for the customer to decide.

3. Payment Gateway linkages: We have acquired APIs of major payment gateways around the world. We will be able to link up with their services for you, so that your business can be moving in an accelerated pace. Meanwhile if you are able to get a gateway with which you have an exclusive agreement, we can link those APIs for you as well.

4. Adding of associated services: We would recommend that you add services which will make it convenient for your customers to purchase your tour offer. It has been noted that customers tend to purchase offers which give associated services as well for a bargain. We have linked up with leading GDS providers who can give you best flight and hotel rates for your customers.

5. Marketing and Search Engine Optimizations (SEO): We have an efficient team which can work to get the tour traffic to your site. We are also specialized in advertising for your business over most viewed sites.

For Service pricing in your region, please contact us or call our business representative