Services - Call Management and Leade generation


Turn your Visitors into customers

Your Global customer may not be the kind that would make a decision soon. Some of them may prefer to have a call and get some more detail about your organization before he/she decides to go ahead with the booking. Dialing international numbers might be pretty confusing and costly depending upon the providers that gets linked. These could be a reason for the prospective customer to give you a skip. Usually your customers will not make an international call to decide on the service. As the responsibility for the sales remains with you, you will have to take proactive steps to call your customer.

For you to get a dedicated local number in each of your target countries is next to impossible. There could be lot of hidden startup costs, efforts to manage so many phone numbers and unable to service them 24/7.

This is where Safari & Cruise can give you a cutting edge and place you miles ahead of your competitors:
± We can provide LOCAL numbers to which your customers can call, from around the world.
± When Customers call their local number, you can transfer those calls to any preconfigured number operated by you.
± Our trained call center executives will handle the call for you 24/7 and help you in lead generation.
± Flexible call routing options based on time of the day.
± Call initiation through a website widget.