Who are we?

We are an organization founded by highly experienced Technical and Domain consultants based out of the US, India,Singapore and Kenya. The venture was initiated as a startup after the founders understood the digital gap in the tourism industry. This opportunity is now being utilized to redirect the global tourism industry, to align with the growing demands of a digital age. Our expertise in Travel & Tourism industry have made us a strong contender in Tourism service industry. Our solutions are employed by the best tour operators in the industry. Our solution has come into being as a result of extensive research with tour operators and understanding of their operational problems.

What can we do for You?

If a bulk of your revenue is based from international tourist movement, it is important that you recognize the fact that over 50% of tourism is channelled through internet sales promotions and e-commerce based transaction. Following is a list of expertise where we can service you to get ahead of your competition.

Facilitate online booking for your customers

Your business will quickly be overlooked if you do not allow your customers to quickly and easily book online. We enable you to plan and manage your tours. You can build your own capacity based tours for purchase by customers or partner sites, who will take your tours for a margin. It allows your customers to see availability at a glance, making it easy for them to map out their trip. Real-time booking is one of the best features available, as it allows customers to view your true availability at any point in the day. If someone books a tour, all of your calendars are updated simultaneously and instantly.

Instant payment and confirmation

Once an availability is confirmed, your customers can pay for their tour and receive an instant confirmation of their reservation. All with the click of a button, our networked payment gateways will take the payments for you and route it to your bank account. This means they do not have to worry about writing a check or bank transfer or swiping their credit card while they are on vacation.

Associated services for customers

Once the tour is booked, the primary worry of your customer is about reaching the destination and staying there safely.Our service offering is complemented by facilities for Airlines,hotels,insurance and cab bookings at best rates. Your customer can leave your website with complete tour configured and paid up. Additionally we also provide phone calls at no extra cost to the customer, so that he/she can be assured about the authenticity of the tour operator. We are also teaming up with leading tour operators association in various regions to authenticate the credibility of the tour operator.

After-sales feedback and ratings

We have teamed up with leading tour operators association in various regions to authenticate the credibility of the tour operator. We are continuously in the process of improving the customer experience. We open unbiased review and feedback channells for the tour operator's association to grade the tour operation quality in their region.

Our Culture

At S&C, we recognize that it is our people that shape the future and direction of our Company.We have cultivated an open culture of barrierless communication and open sharing of ideas.We pride ourselves on hiring the best minds and enabling them to realize their full potential through working in a challenging and dynamic environment. No matter where you are from, when you joined, or who you know ... all our employees are united by our common vision,goals and values.

Please feel free write back to us to know more about us.