We know life is not easy for a Tour operator in ...

But when it comes to planning and managing your client's holidays,our people are committed to delivering a high level of service to you and your partners around the world. Safari & Cruise is the only Tour Operator Support IT service, which takes your commands on a phonecall and delivers accordingly.


“There's a large amount of online purchases that we get that we didn't have before, and our tour numbers are growing at a very good pace. .”

-Shannon O'Brien - Sydney Harbour Kayak

The Safari & Cruise Promise

At Safari & Cruise, we know the pains of a tour operator.Have you ever felt the need of someone who could help your day-to-day business operations and cut down a great deal of manual tasks? We provide a customer-centric solution for your problem. All our packages are designed to take your operations to a higher leve ls of efficiency and profitability. Safari & Cruise promises to offer a stunning booking experience to your visitors, manage your backend processes, accelerate your sales and transact with your partners and third parties on your behalf.